Autocars Nika becomes the best company in Catalonia on road safety

The Tarragona company Autocars Nika has become the first and only occasional passenger transport company in Catalonia* to receive the ISO 39001 certification, which makes it one of the main references for road safety throughout the country. This international standard is a tool that aims to drastically reduce injuries and, even, the deaths caused by road accidents and considerably reduce the accidents on the road. “This certification represents a guarantee to the client. We can offer them very high standards of efficiency and development in the field of road safety”, says Elisa Miquel, head of management area of Autocars Nika.

The ISO 39001, which is called Road Safety Management Systems (SV), is certified by the official Applus company and specifies the requirements for good road safety, including the development of the necessary measures to achieve it, as well as the application of a preventive policy. “Internally it improves the risk management and reduces the expenses associated with the accidents and increases the productivity. This recognition motivate us, even more, to offer a better service “, explains Elisa Miquel. The ISO 39001 is part of the worldwide road accident reduction map. In this way, the United Nations (UN) declared the present decade as Action for the Road Safety in order to end the high number of wounded and deceased by accidents of traffic.

This certification represents a new guarantee for the work of Autocars Nika, which in 2011 was awarded as the best occasional transport service company in Spain, a prize that at that time had not yet obtained any Catalan company in the sector. “The ISO 39001 consolidates our client portfolio but also opens up new markets for us so that, in this way, we can certify the work we do in relation to the safety of our vehicles and passengers,” she says.

Miquel shares with her other two brothers, Glòria and Josep Maria (Logistics and Garage), the management of a company that was founded in 1972, which represents the third generation of the family in this business of passenger transport. “We are a family business and now we manage the company from a feminine point of view,” says Elisa Miquel, smiling. Nowadays, Nika has 50 coaches that drive 75 drivers who, after year, make more than 26,000 services to transport a total of 1.3 million passengers that add 3 million kilometers.