Autocars Nika is a member of the Board of Directors of ANETRA

On November 29, 2018, the National Association of Transportation Businessmen in Coaches, Anetra, held a General Assembly to renew its governing bodies and appoint a new Board of Directors.

They will be in charge of directing the Association for the next four years, with Luis Ángel Pedrero García, of the Cartour company in Madrid, unanimously elected as President of the same. The rest of the Board of Directors is made up of three vice-presidents, Alejandro Canales (Avant Grup, Barcelona), Jesús Gonzalo (AETRAM, Madrid), Cristóbal Valdés (P. Valdés e Hijos, Alicante); a general secretary, Estefanía Pérez (Autocares Mapex, Valencia); a treasurer, Marcelino Rincón (Elite Touring, Madrid); and five members, Manuel Tena (Autocares Izaro, Barcelona), Antonio Serrat (Serrat Bus, Barcelona), Carlos Grandoso (Grandoure, Valladolid), Elisa Miquel (Autocares Nika, Tarragona) and Jesús Mirón (Vip Car, Madrid).

This new team faces the challenge with enthusiasm and with the aim of working to strengthen the transport sector it represents, focusing its efforts on the development and promotion of the Association’s goals, developing ongoing projects and promoting new ones to the service of road passenger transport companies. In this same act it was agreed to appoint Alfredo Vázquez Ferreño as Honorary President, for his work and personal dedication as head of Anetra for more than 30 years, encouraging him to continue participating actively in the Association, contributing his valuable experience and knowledge of the sector.

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