Quality politics


Autocars Nika is a company located in Tarragona, whose activity is the national and international passenger transport since 1972. During these 30 years of activity, a logistics has been implemented that allows us a high level of quality and Professionalism in all our services and work for companies of all areas.

Our goal:

The permanent improvement of security and comfort to offer a service completely adapted to the needs of our customers.

The company’s policy is based on a management system that involves the whole organization, in the provision of its services with a high degree of excellence and compliance with the legal requirements, to meet the expectations of the client, of the interested parties and contribute to the transparency in the service.

The basic principles and guidelines on which our Integrated Management System (SGI) is based are the following:

  • To comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the carriage of passengers by road, the requirements of client, users, as well as all those of legal type in the field of Quality, the Environment, Road Safety and Safety and Health that we are required and other requirements that are subscribed.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the SGI, focusing principally on the establishment, compliance and updating of this policy and the quality, environmental and safety objectives both road and labor.
  • Promote the development of the staff by promoting their qualification through continuous training programs that improve their attitude (motivation), experience (training) and ability.
  • Provide a special interest in the timeliness of the services departing in accordance with the conditions established in the offer with the client.
  • Encourage the cleaning of coaches as the key to our work, since we understand that in the end it affects customers’ satisfaction and improves services.
  • Minimize the generation of waste and emissions in order to prevent pollution and provide training and means to our workers to actively collaborate in this cause.
  • Improve security systems for passengers, as well as adaptability, as far as possible for people with physical disabilities.
  • Improve the relationship between the people of this company with the client and users, being friendly and trying at all times to solve the problems.
  • Obtain a high level of health and safety at work, not just limit ourselves to comply with current legislation, but not doing actions that increase the degree of protection of workers set by law if this is considered necessary.
  • Provide workers with all the existing information about the risks inherent in their work, as well as the necessary training on the means and measures to be adopted for their correct prevention.
  • Promote the participation of all the workers in matters related to the prevention of risks at work, because they are the ones who know in greater depth the characteristics of the tasks they do and are therefore the ones indicated to provide ideas about the way more sure to do these tasks.
  • To encourage the participation of all staff in the implementation and improvement of the SGI, promoting the leadership of Management through its commitment to the development, implementation and maintenance of the SGI.

At Autocars Nika, we commit to the fact that this policy is known and understood within our company, for those who work for us and for the public and that we will provide the necessary resources for their fulfillment.

Elisa Miquel Cruz
Manager of Autocares Nika

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